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Fiber-to-the-Home FAQ’S

How does Wave G bring fiber to my home?

In general terms, it is similar to a cable installation, just with a fancier, high-tech fiber strand and equipment. Here’s a summary of a standard install:

  1. We set up a pre-install appointment so that we can see your specific set-up and talk you through the process in advance.
  2. We take fiber from the pole, string it over to your house, and attach it there.
  3. We install a small box on the outside of your home which is used to transition the fiber drop into your home.
  4. Then, unless there is conduit through which we can pull the fiber strand, we’ll need to penetrate your home (drill through your wall). Sounds scary, but our team is licensed/bonded and we weatherproof the hole. We can use an existing cable hole if available and re-weatherproof when we’re done. We will talk through specific process and locations when we come out for a pre-install appointment.
  5. Inside your home, we install a fiber converter box. You can plug an Ethernet cable directly into the converter, or use a gigabit router for WiFi in your home. (Or we can rent you a high-performance router if you prefer.)

Note that Eastlake is our first fiberhood neighborhood. So there may be new installation scenarios that we encounter as we roll out our fiber service. Our professional team will work with you to ensure that all installation plans work for you and you’ll sign off on the plan before we start.

What’s taking so long?

We are bringing our service to your home by stringing our fiber on power poles. This means we have to have permits to attach to the poles, which can take several months. Plus, sometimes there is “make ready” work to be done to get the poles ready for the fiber strand before we can start.

If you have already let us know you are interested in the service, we will reach out to schedule a pre-install appointment as soon as we are on your street.

How will you service my houseboat?

We can’t tell you an exact method until we conduct a pre-install appointment to see your specific set-up. If there is already conduit on the dock, that might be an option, if not we will work with you to strategize the best plan.

What if I am a renter?

We will need permission from the property owner to install our service. Please obtain explicit permission for our installation. If you live in an apartment or condo, please contact us to schedule a more in-depth site visit. We will want to get approval from the property owner and may need additional access to install and maintain equipment.

Is it different to provide service at an apartment or condominium?

Yes. We need permission from the building owner to provide service and our deployment is sometimes different. In apartments and condominiums where telecom services are distributed through one or more points in the building, we still bring fiber to the building, but rely on existing wiring to distribute the service to each unit.

  • Buildings with wiring that is cat5 or better can get gigabit.
  • Buildings with cat3 or better can use the wiring for 100mbps.
  • Buildings with wiring older than cat3 are not candidates for central distribution of our fiber service. If your building falls into this last category, you would either need to upgrade wiring or we would need to be able to string fiber lines to each unit.


Why can you bring me service now when you couldn’t before?

In the past, we were evaluating each apartment/condo building or home on an individual basis. With our Eastlake fiberhood project, we evaluated feasibility based on providing service within a geographic area. Technology improvements have also contributed, as the equipment is now better and no longer cost prohibitive for our model.