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FTTH in Eastlake: Update

Over the course of the next few months, we will be offering regular updates on our build-out of Fiber-to-the-Home in Eastlake. This first update is meant to provide an overview of the construction process and summarize what we have completed as well as offering a glimpse of what comes next.

Step 1 – Preliminary Design and Engineering

What happens in this phase?  This phase involves drawing from public data to map out the conceptual design and planning of our fiber routes, including determining splice points (the points where we connect one cable to another), TAPS (distribution points to the actual dwelling), and cable counts. From this data, we create an initial design plan to distribute fiber-to-the-home throughout the neighborhood.  

Status: Completed.

Step 2 – Physical Engineering and Permitting

What happens in this phase?  Physical engineering involves capturing and compiling data to make sure the routes we build are in compliance with both local and national regulations. We assess where we can utilize existing infrastructure versus where we need to build our own before finalizing our plans and submitting them to the city for permits.

Status: Underway.

Step 3 – Backbone Fiber Build

What happens in this phase? After permits are acquired from the city, we rollout construction of our fiber backbone – this is where we start building the fiber which we’ll use to carry service. Construction itself is a relatively short process.

Status: Mid-December.

Step 4 – Installation.

What happens in this phase? In the installation phase, we extend fiber from our TAPS/backbone directly into single-family-homes or to a designated access point in an apartment or condominium so that we can bring service to your home!

Status: Slated to begin when fiber build-out is complete.