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How to Use Your Internet Service as a Leasing Tool

A recent National Study conducted for the Fiber to the Home Association found that 86% of renters rated fast Internet as the most important building amenity, higher than cable TV, parking, workout facilities, laundry and other amenities.  That same study found 3% higher home values and 8% higher rental values in buildings served with fiber optic Internet service (ultra-fast service).

Fast Internet is even more critical to renters in the growing technology hub of Seattle/Bellevue. In fact, we hear from our Facebook and Twitter fans that 89% chose their building based upon where we offer service. Because Internet is intangible and not something that can be seen with the naked eye, how do you leverage ultra-fast Internet service to your advantage during the leasing process?

First, be sure to include information about your high-speed amenities in online listing advertisements. Once you have engaged interested residents, your leasing team can feature the availability of high-speed service during the property tour. Here are a few ideas:

  • Advertise the availability of ultra-fast Internet throughout the model unit.  For example, place signage in the media center situated near a popular streaming device like a Roku or an Apple TV – something that residents will use and have a great experience with because of their access to high-speed Internet.
  • Demonstrate the speeds available at your building by running a real-time speed test ( on a high-speed connection.
  • Include flyers in your leasing office and signage in the community areas where wi-fi is offered.
  • Increase your curb appeal and attract techie apartment hunters by including your future-forward amenities on a-boards signs or toppers to help remind potential residents that your building offers what they’re looking for.


While you’re showing your tech-savvy prospects around the property, they might also ask you about Internet speeds available in your building. Gigabit speed is the fastest residential Internet service in the country and is quickly becoming a new future standard. As it remains rare, it is definitely a luxury amenity and something to highlight with all potential residents.

CondoInternet can be a partner in promoting our service availability.  In addition to driving people to you through our online building listings and social media posts, our marketing team is happy to help train your leasing staff and provide custom signage.

Says Josh McDonald, Director of Marketing for Holland Partner Group, “Our ability to create awareness through the inclusion of the Condointernet logo and name in our advertising has drawn specific interest for those residents seeking the best high-speed internet available in Seattle.  The brand reputation of CondoInternet has been a great closing tool for our associates at these projects.”

If you don’t already have our service at your building and would like to determine whether it’s possible, please contact our Sales Team.


-The CondoInternet Team