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Julie Test Page

New Gigabit Fiber to the Home in Eastlake

 We’ve been offering service in apartments and condos in Seattle since 2008. Now, we are excited to announce that we’re rolling out our gigabit fiber to the home service to all residences in the Eastlake neighborhood, including single family homes, with service available beginning in December 2014.

Speeds and pricing will be consistent with CondoInternet service throughout the area, with Gigabit priced at a flat fee of $80 per month and 100 mbps at $60 per month.  No install fee or construction fees. Service is month-to-month: no contract is required.

Service will begin at the south end of the Eastlake neighborhood at E. Galer and progress northward as quickly as construction and city permitting will allow.


expansion plans

Don’t live in Eastlake?  Fear not.  We’re starting in Eastlake because it offers a great cross section of Seattle, with housing types including apartments, condos, single-family homes, houseboats, etc. Our expansion will follow where there is demand and we have fiber infrastructure to leverage, in cities that are easy and economical to work with. If you’re interested in getting our service at your home in a different neighborhood, please take a minute to let us know where you are.

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any other questions?  

Feel free to contact us. Follow our blog for updates on construction, starting November 18th.