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Next stop in our expansion: Ballard!

DSC00521[1]This year, we’ve more than doubled our footprint, making our commercial-grade service available in over 70 buildings in the Puget Sound area. This fall, we’ll be bringing our gigabit service North to yet another new neighborhood – Ballard!

Because we own and operate our own network, bringing service to Ballard means we must build out a brand new line of fiber. Over the past few months, our engineers have been hard at work developing plans to extend our network north from Fremont. The build began October 25th and will likely extend through early December. Once the main lines are available, fiber will be extended to individual apartment and condominium buildings.

Several Ballard buildings have already signed up, with gigabit service available to their lucky residents by the end of the year.

We’re excited to serve new Ballard residents and incorporate a new part of the city into our 70+ building footprint!

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