CondoInternet Installs Fiber-to-the-Home Service in Eastlake | Wave G Gigabit Internet in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco
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Our First FTTH Installation: Recap

We have now activated Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) gigabit service for our first customer in Eastlake. This is an important milestone as we work toward our goal of expanding our fiber footprint and next-generation gigabit service. We will soon be installing more customers, beginning with homes along Franklin Avenue. In parallel, we’ll be continuing fiber construction on other streets. Thank you for your patience during our rollout. Construction takes time and we are taking careful attention to detail in this pilot neighborhood to ensure we deliver a great internet experience and have happy customers!

Our first FTTH customer in Eastlake plans to take advantage of the symmetrical speeds and low latency of our fiber network when he works from home for his curriculum design job.

A slack loop of fiber sits on the pole next to our fiber tap (distribution point) where we plug in the assigned fibers associated to the home.


One of our technicians works on an outdoor box where we transition the fiber drop into the home.


Here is a picture of our Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) which converts fiber signal to ethernet connection which is a standard network connection for computers.